Ideal for repairs to components and equipment in a fluid flow environment

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Thistlebond Ceramic Carbide repair and coating systems are the finest compounds for rebuilding and resurfacing fluid flow components and equipment operating in the most aggressive industrial environments, which are subject to erosion and corrosion damage.
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Ceramic Carbide Wearing Compound. Gel Ceramic Repair Of Worn Areas Repairing erosion / corrosion damage on: condenser tube sheets, valve bodies, impellers, pump casings, valve discs, pipe bends, flanges, condenser end plates, tank outlets, general FLUID FLOW EQUIPMENT. 2 kg -
Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Carbide Fluid. Red / Grey / Blue. Fluid Ceramic For Protective Coating Prevent erosion / corrosion damage on: pipe bends, elbows, pump impellers, casings, valve discs and bodies, condenser boxes, condenser tube sheets, tank surfaces. 1 kilo 1.62 m²/unit at 250 microns
Super Low Friction Efficiency Coating. Fluid Ceramic Protective Coating Solvent free coating designed to offer a smooth low friction finish for pumps, water boxes, condensers, vales, impellers etc. Normally a two coat application. 1 kilo 2.7 m²/unit at 250 microns
High Temperature Ceramic Carbide. Fluid Ceramic Protective Coating Prevention of corrosion for high temperature immersion for oil / water separators and equipment in hot, wet service 3 kilo 3.12 m²/unit at 750 microns
Flexiblised Paste Ceramic Compound. Gel Ceramic Repair Of Worn Areas For rebuilding metal surfaces subject to severe erosion and cavitation attack. Designed for use on pumps, impellers, propellers, turbine blades etc where cavitation is an ongoing problem. 1 kilo 0.42 m²/unit at 2mm dft*
Flexiblised Fluid Ceramic Compound. Fluid Ceramic For Protective Coating For use with TR230 on all areas where cavitation attack occurs. Normally applied by brush to provide a smooth cavitaion resistant lining. 1 kilo 0.42 m²/unit at 2mm dft*
High Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Coating. Gel Ceramic Repair Of Worn Areas Abrasion resistant heavy duty lining material for HEAVY WEAR situations. Ideal for pipes, hoppers, chutes, pumps, vales and tanks. THE BEST ON THE MARKET TODAY! 5 kilo 0.6 m²/unit at 6mm

*dft - dry film thickness


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