THISTLEBOND products are safe and easy to use. They can be used anytime, anywhere to repair and maintain plant, machinery and equipment operating in aggressive industrial and marine environments.

Numerous independent test have shown that the THISTLEBOND range of products have no equal anywhere in the world.

There are numerous competitors striving to attain the standards set by Thistlebond throughout the world, but THISTLEBOND remains the engineers main choice for polymer coating and repair materials in engineering and marine applications.

Through our international network of agents and distributors we are able to offer instant, on the spot advice for any engineering repair or mainatence problem.

This advice comprises information on mechanical strengths, chemical resistance, recommended surface preparation and full working system recommendations.



Our aim is to provide THISTLEBOND customers with a range of engineering repair and maintenance products, which are cost effective, environmentally friendly and offer outstanding performance.

Join the ever increasing number of engineers who are choosing THISTLEBOND!!