Polymer Coating and Repair Products

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TAC877 Copper Anti Seize TR105
Super Metal Rebuilding Paste System
TAC879 Dewatering System TR110 Fluid Super Metal Resurfacing System
TAC880 Nickel Anti Seize TR115 Fluid Metal Extended Life
TL500 OSMOSIS Protection. GRP Hulls Repair TR200 Ceramic Carbide Wearing Compound
TL505 Low Viscosity Primer. Epoxy Primer GRP TR205 Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Carbide Fluid
TL515 Anti-Corrosion Aluminium TR210 Super Low Friction Efficiency Coating
TL520 MA3 Tie Coat. Primer - Tie Coat GRP TR220 High Temperature Ceramic Carbide
TL530 Spray Primer. MA9 Tie Coat TR225 Ceramic Carbide 88
TL535 Polyurethane Finish. Gloss Finish TR230 Flexiblised Paste Ceramic Compound
TL540 Phenolic Surfacer. Filler GRP TR235 Flexiblised Fluid Ceramic Compound
TL545 MGF Surfacer. Filler GRP TR240 High Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Coating
Grip Tech. Slip Prevention System TR300 '60' Durometer Fluid Elastomer
TPC610 Concrete Patch Repair. Fast Setting Concrete Repair System TR305 '60' Durometer Paste Elastomer
TPC615 Self Priming - Rapid Curing System. WBX TR310 '60' Durometer Rapid Paste Elastomer
TPC620 Single Coat Floor System TR315 '80' Durometer Fluid Elastomer
TPC625 Primer Systems (BP) TR320 '80' Durometer Paste Elastomer
TPC635 Universal Roof Repair System (PT) TR325 '80' Durometer Brushing Elastomer
TPC662 Corrosion and Chemical Protection. Chemi Tech CR TR19062 PlasBronze Twist Stick
TPC670 Hycote 670GT TR19063 Plastic Steel
TPC675 Ultimate Chemical Protection. Chemi Tech UC TR19064 Plastic Bronze
TRK19000 Standard Resin TR19065 Rapid Setting Super Metal Repair Paste
TRK19001 Lifeboat Resin TR19601 ThistleWrap Pipe Repair Tape
TRK19002 A&B Cement TRK785 Collision Kit
TR19060 PlasSteel Twist Stick TRK2006 Pipe Repair Kit
TPC620LG Lloyds Approved. Therma-Tech LG      


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