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DURABILITY - means permanent, not temporary, repairs

How many times have you come across clients who opted for cheaper products at first but those products didn't work! When it comes to durability and high-performance two things count: ASTM (American Society Of Testing Materials) and actual performance in the field.


American Society Of Testing Materials

On the ASTM front, many companies, knowingly or unknowingly, publish "exaggerated" numbers. This is unfortunate, because sometimes, these exaggerated numbers are even higher than those published by THISTLEBOND. Unsuspecting prospects who take them by their face value end up going with the competition, only to realise that they didn't perform well at all!


Case Points
  • 1. A competitive company who has been around and who should know better, uses "aspirin pill" size samples in a compressive test ASTM D-695. These samples are illegal because the smallest size allowed is 12.5mm diameter by 25.4mm height cylinder or 12.5mm X 12.5mm X 25.4mm prism. These small "aspirin size" specimens give higher compressive test numbers and this company publishes them. Side-by-side tests show that THISTLEBOND is superior, but this company insists upon publishing those higher numbers.
  • 2. A competitive company claims that their products do not shrink. Whereas all commercial monomers shrink during polymerisation. Some shrink more than others. But they all shrink. It is the nature of the beast. This shrinkage can be offset a great deal with proper formulation by using the right fillers. Although this will reduce shrinkage to negligibly small amount, it is still measurable with sensitive electronic tools, and it must be reported.
  • 3. Another "trick" some competitive companies use is to employ a misleading test method: for example use ASTM C-157, which is for measuring concrete shrinkage, instead of ASTM D-2566, which is for measuring plastics shrinkage. "C" is for concrete tests and "D" is for plastics tests. Polymers are generally classified under "D". If you use C-157, you will measure "zero shrinkage" for all polymers, because the measurements are taken after 7-day cure, since the test is designed for concrete. But all commercial polymers shrink within the first few hours of cure! There is no more dimensional change left in the system after a few days, let alone 7 days! THISTLEBOND tests properly, according to ASTM, and publishes average results, not just the top result.




As you can see from the above. "Higher numbers" don't necessarily mean "better products". Having made the point of "exaggeration" and "publishing inflated test numbers" on the part of some competitive companies this way, we can now safely say that THISTLEBOND test numbers are still at the top! That is the first indication of why THISTLEBOND is so superior to the competition: HIGH PERFORMANCE and DURABILITY!

Read the American Society Of Testing Materials Test Procedure Summary (29KB)


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