Why Use UPS Products?
Why UPS Polymer Products?

There are many manufactures of polymers -

At Unique Polymers we pride ourselves by only supplying the BEST of the BEST.

We go through VERY rigorous selection procedure that involves making site visits to manufacture - looking at the R&D sections - looking at the manufacturing process - meeting the people - seeing proof by real results in real life applications.

We do not JUST accept written documents at face value - we always check so that ensures that you are buying an authorised and fully tested product.

Price is of course very important when making purchasing choices BUT we feel that there are many other considerations when making your important decision.

After all the MOST costly party of using polymer coating and repair products is the PREPARATION time spent. There is nothing worse than investing highly in good surface preparation only to then apply the cheapest product that may fail or wear out early.

So we would respectfully suggest that some thought and consideration is also given to the following:
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Warranty
  • Professional Assistance
  • Product Choice (we have found that some manufactures just focus on one or two versions of a product and you have to MAKE DO. With UPS we offer most of the solutions available)
  • Manufacture Choice (we offer the BEST manufactured product from many manufactures. This allows us to give the BEST solution form a variety of sources)
UPS can offer the following BENEFITS that will help your choice be the best it can be.
  • Manufactured in UK
  • ISO9001 Manufacturing
  • ISO4001 Manufacturing
  • FULL Product Traceability
  • Product Availability Ex Stock - Max 14 days
  • UPS Dedicated to providing and finding Engineering Solutions
  • Full Technical Support
  • R&D section always looking and able to help with application problems
  • Full Product Training Available
  • Sales Training
  • Application Training
  • Exclusive POLYMER Technology using state of the art Product Knowledge
  • Most Comprehensive Product Range available on the market today
  • World Wide Coverage
  • Over 80 years experience in the Industrial and Marine sectors
  • ASTM Testing procedure
  • In-House Testing facility Batch Process
  • All products Solvent Free
  • Most Maintenance problems are provided with a SOLUTION
  • Widest variety of product choice
  • EXCLUSIVE distribution agreements available
  • WEB site support
  • Sales Lead Support
  • Web advertising support
  • Web sales letters support
  • Sales Training Support