Polymer Coating and Repair Materials

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Thistlebond Polymer Coating and Repair Materials - a solution to every problem.
Repairs to your Fluid Flow System suffering from Erosion/Corrosion Damage Weatherproofing & Waterproofing all types of Roofs, Decks, Buildings and Structures
Condenser Waterboxes / Tubesheets Copper/Tin/Lead/Steel/Aluminium
Pumps/Impellers Concrete/Stone/Cement/Tile
Valves Tar/Bituminous Membranes
Piping/Ducting Single-Ply Roof Systems
Rudders / Propellers Parking Garage Decks
Tanks Cooling Towers/Pans
Pressure Vessels Ducting
Steam Systems Insulation
Abrasive Grit Blasting Porous Masonry
Marine Applications Architectural Surveys

Engineering/Technical Services Repairs to Mechanical Equipment/Components
Field Engineering Shafts Repaired In Place
Support/Supervision Cracked Blocks
Training Seminars Oversized Bearing Housings
Feasibility Studies Sloppy Keyways
Plant Safety Surveys Leaking Pipes/Tanks
Specification/Bid Development Scored Hydraulic Rams
Mechanical Surveys Cracked/Holed Casings

Repairs to Floors & Walls Safety & Energy Conservation Systems
High Impact Areas Non-Slip Surfaces
Severe Chemical Attack Areas Heat Refraction Claddings
Heavy Abrasion Areas Asbestos E
High Humidity Areas Encapsulation
Adhesion Problems Solar Refracting Roof Coatings
Porosity Insulation Protection
Hygienic Surfaces Fire Resistant Coatings

Flexible Repairs Corrosion Protection of Structural Steel
Conveyor Belts Cathodic Protection Systems
Expansion Joints High Performance Claddings
Rubber Rollers Abrasion Resistant Linings
Rubber Lined Impellers Chemical Resistant Coatings
Molds/Castings High Temperature Coatings